Re: multipart/alternative extension

> >Even with multipart/mixed, if the desired content is presented as an
> >attachment, this can effectively cause information loss if the recipient
> >doesn't understand that the version he/she understands is in that
> >attachment, and/or he/she doesn't know how to read that attachment.
> Yes, right, that is a problem. One solution might be that the first
> body part (since mailers usually display at least the first body
> part inline) should contain a list of the other body parts. Something
> like this:
>      After this text or as attachments comes the message in
>      different languages:
>      - English
>      - French
>      - German

you could even use MHTML and multipart/related.  put the above text
in HTML with clickable links to the other body parts.


Received on Tuesday, 8 May 2001 16:33:34 UTC