Re: multipart/alternative extension

> >  > If IETF says that multipart/alternative should be used, such
> >>  a server will still not use it, since using multipart/alternative
> >>  will cause many recipients to only get one of the translations,
> >>  not adapted to their language capabilities.
> >
> >The same is true if you use either multipart/mixed or multipart/choices.
> No. Please re-read Jacob's message. It is acceptable to use either
> /mixed or /choices because you won't *lose* information in any
> clients. With /alternative, there is information loss in some
> clients, which the servers in question are unwilling to risk.

With multipart/choices there is still potential for information loss, 
because some clients fail to follow the specs regarding treatment
of multipart/unknown.

Even with multipart/mixed, if the desired content is presented as an 
attachment, this can effectively cause information loss if the recipient
doesn't understand that the version he/she understands is in that 
attachment, and/or he/she doesn't know how to read that attachment.


Received on Monday, 7 May 2001 14:54:11 UTC