Re: Discussion of an app-layer API for IPsec

>allow an application to see if it is running over

I was tempted to delete the last word. ptrace(2) comes to mind.

Seriously, I love API work, but we do very little of it (v6, ldap, and what 
The proposal is ipsec-specific, the problem is more general, and we've not had
a go at the more general problem in a decade (host requirements), having left
that in the POSIX, XPG and Redmond sets of hands.

What would interoperate? What two independent implementations would do
what when independently discovering that each is "running over <foo>", on
the same, or distinct, and possibly dissimilar and not necessarily 

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At 5/4/01 09:40 PM, Patrik Fältström wrote:
>--On 01-05-04 11.39 -0700 "Paul Hoffman / IMC" <> wrote:
> > The discussion just started;
> > applications folks might want to join in.
>...and part from having you joining that discussion, I am as AD interested
>to know if you are interested in something like that?
>    paf

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