Re: Two new drafts: Multipart/Interleaved and Application /BatchBeep

At 20.29 +0200 01-04-24, Jacob Palme wrote:
>The main principle of efficient coding of protocols is to only send 
>the information which varies over time. Information which is static, 
>the names of the fields, is either suppressed or compacted very strongly.
>It is this compacting of this information which is a main reason why
>the ASN.1 encoding got so compact.

At 15.17 -0400 01-04-24, Keith Moore wrote:
>This isn't a feature of ASN.1.  It's a feature of encoding the
>field names implicitly via their position in the data stream vs.
>encoding them explicitly with tags.  ASN.1 can do this either
>way.  For instance, SNMP uses ASN.1 but tags each datum with an OID.

OK. I see your point now. One might also say that the RFC822
and XML formats offer an extension possibility, by adding new
header-names, which a recipient code which does not recognize
them can disregard.
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