Re: MP4 Player Available for Download

> >then the sooner the rest of the world abandons
> >them, the better
> For whom? For owners of proprietary technologies who do not have the least
> intention of making _their_ IPR available?

no.  for everyone else.  the "owners" of the proprietary technology can go
bankrupt, for all I care, and the rest of the world will be better off if 
they do so.  of course, we'd be even better off if they got a clue.

the term "intellectual property" is a misnomer.  the use of the word
"property" to describe ideas and expression of ideas has led to a widespread 
confusion that ideas are like tangible property.  they're not.  for one thing, 
the laws of supply and demand that apply to tangible property do not apply to 
"intellectual property".  quite often "intellectual property" is worth more 
if you give it away than if you try to control it.  holders of IPR 
midunderstand this at their peril.

meanwhile, the net will treat IPR as damage and route around it. 


Received on Saturday, 31 March 2001 13:33:42 UTC