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PRO Marketing Program FREE - NOW!!

From: Kathryn Martin <kvmartin@MONEY-INCOME.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 04:38:39 -0700
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Hello Friend, 
Network marketing can be so fun, and so exciting. I love it! 
Network marketing can also be a huge disapointment, and Heartache. 
I hate it!
Does this sound familiar? You have been working diligently on a 
progam for six months. You are just about to experience that 
exponential growth that you keep hearing about, then suddenly WHAM!, the company is out of business. It was a well intentioned company, they had a good product, but for what ever reason, GONE! 
Now what? You just spent six months bringing people in to a business. You told them how great it was, and believed it. Now, you have just lost face. You never lied, or cheated anyone, but nontheless, they were let down. Friend, I am here to tell you, that it does not have to be that way.
Surely by now, you have heard of a new company called 
Netmark Pro. With this company, you join at no cost, and give away these great recruiting, and selling systems. While you do this, you build up a frienship that lasts. You are just giving away something that everyone in this business needs, and it works!!
That bond lasts, and no matter what business you may get into in the future, and you know there will be more, your gang will be there with you. 
Ever wish you had a bunch of people with you right from the start? 
Well, this is one way to do just that. 
The other day, I was offered an opportunity to get into a pre-launch business that I believe is going to rock this world. Who do you think I told about this business first? That's right. Who do you suppose they told? 
If you can see the whole picture here, please visit this site to get your no cost Netmark Pro system - AT NO COST! 
It makes Network marketing a whole new ball game. More fun, and the bottom line friend, MORE MONEY! Netmark Pro also pays for referrals on two levels. NO NEED TO UPGRADE TO BE PAID. 

Kathrn Martin 
(Subject Line : NMP) <kvmartin@money-income.com>

This email is never sent unsolicited. This is not spam. You are receiving this email because you explicitly and expressly signed yourself up to our list with our online signup form or 
through use of our MyListmaker Page, FFA Links Page, Links2U Page, WorldGlobeEzine, ReferralWare, Small Biz FFA Page or our many Megaresponse Pages (matching my search criteria of "part time income") which have EXPLICIT terms of use that state that through use of these pages you "opt-in" and therefore you agree 
to receive our periodic e-mails. This also applies to email address obtained from 3rd Parties via "safe lists.

Here's some ADDITIONAL GREAT WAYS to help your Marketing Efforts and further your Marketing Success.
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