Win a top of the range iMac, Palm Pilot or Discman

      Connect to your future and start 2001 as a winner
      Win a top of the range iMac, Palm Pilot or Discman

      All you have to do to win is register with planetgraduate, the new
international site for students, graduates and employers.
      Simply click here to get started

      Take just a few seconds to register and enter our draw to win either a
Palm Pilot or Sony Discman. Take a few minutes more and enter your CV with
planetgraduate's CV Builder and you could win the incredibly cool iMac and
be connected to the Internet in a couple of clicks.

      Enter our prize draw today to win one of these top prizes:-
      A top of the range iMac
      One of two Palm Pilots
      One of three Portable CD players

        Discman  iMac Palm Pilot

        PS Double your chances of winning a Discman or Palm Pilot by helping
us let your friends know about this great competition.

     The draw will take place on Friday 23rd February 2001

     Prizes may differ from models shown

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