Separate discussion list for IDNA

Paul Hoffman and I have created a mailing list for discussions of 
only the IDNA algorithm described in draft-ietf-idn-idna-00.txt. The 
reason for a separate mailing list for this discussion is because it 
otherwise the discussion of IDNA will otherwise get bogged down with 
arguments whether IDNA is the correct way to do IDN. Those discussion 
should instead be on the IDN WG mailing list (although the protocol 
design team report concluded that an ACE-based solution in the 
application is the right way to go for the short term). Paul and I 
have not got many comments, but we feel that the document and 
description, as well as the algorithm, might be made better.

Further, this message is sent to the apps-discuss list aswell as to 
the IDN mailing list as the IDNA algorithm can be used for domain 
name protocol components regardless of what protocol is using it.

The name of the mailing list is
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