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Fw: Chenille Jigs The secert is out .

From: sales <sales@chenillejig.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:51:22 -0500
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      CHENILLE RATTLING JIGS will put Bigger fish in your boat. 100% Guaranteed.
      Our Baits are softer than any other on the market, and deliver INCREDIBLY NATURAL ACTION along with a compact profile that's perfectly suited for BIG BASS  You will quickly discover, these baits move like no other on the market. As an added benefit, this soft formula feels VERY natural to the fish. They REALLY DO hold on longer, giving you more time to detect the strike and set the hook.

      Our unique, natural color combinations give you a great advantage. Thoroughly tested and proven, our colors give YOU a very effective solution for unlocking the jaws of those finicky bass. At times, color alone is often the solution to tough conditions. Designed to appear natural and appealing to bass, our colors and bait styles are a valuable tool, sure to put more fish in your boat. Make these YOUR go-to baits..

      All baits offered to YOU are SCENTED  the most effective fish attractant on the market. This scent alone has been proven time and time again to draw strikes from otherwise inactive fish.

      Our combination of COLOR, ACTION, SOUND, and SCENT delivers a DEADLY PUNCH, sure to catch YOU more fish. All baits offered to YOU have been thoroughly FIELD TESTED by our talented PRO STAFF. 
      In addition to our regular colors, we also offer a custom mixing service. If you have a favorite color  send us a sample and we will match it for you. WE MUST HAVE A SAMPLE TO MATCH
      Chenille Jigs are not sold in some states. 

   Pro Pack SIX Jigs per order  $ 24.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED  USA. Comes in a Plano specialty box. 
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