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Dear ISP / Webmaster:

From: Dan <livevideo@speedycam.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 15:32:54 -0400
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Dear  ISP / Webmaster:

Get new members and keep them with Speedycam!  You can now offer your 
members a way to interact with each other via live video and chat !  Your 
members can have their own live video web page with chat and real time 
video conferencing with audio!  Your members will love it. Our members stay 
an average of 35 minutes per log-in!   We have award winning software that 
takes less than 15 seconds to download and self install so even a complete 
novice can use it with ease. Web pages are created on the fly as soon as 
your someone signs up. Your members will love it !  We are offering this to 
only a  limited amount of web master so contact us today to get started. 
You give this to your members for FREE and then simply pay us a small 
monthly fee.  Prices start at $500 per month for unlimited use. We pay all 
the bandwidth charges, no hidden fees!  We are also interested in possible 
partnerships with isp's.

To test out our product, enter the code : isptrial  in the "Referrer" field 
on the join page.
Just email us before January 1, 2001 to cancel your demo and we will never 
bill you.
  You may also email info@speedycam.com  for a demo and for custom 
video/audio solutions for your company.

You were sent this email because you are part of a  webmaster list, if you 
wish to be removed from our list send a email to : remove@speedycam.com
Thank you. 
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