RE: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

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> Subject: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

>      I saw that a new draft was issued in March, but that's
> expired, and I
> can't find anything further. Can anyone enlighten me as to
> the status of
> this work?

We've been trying to get it published as an RFC.

So far, there has been support within the IESG for making it an
Experimental, but that would make it a no-no to reference in
standards-track documents.  Since there are a number of things that
would like to use it and go to standards-track, we are trying to get
that changed.

My own personal take on the situation is that there is resistance to
anything that encourages more protocols to extend or layer on HTTP
because that is viewed as a problem.  In some ways, I actually share
this view, but I also think that since it will happen anyway we should
at least provide some guidance on the less-bad ways to do it.

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