Re: Issues in EU-funded ratings research project

> The EU-funded research project SELECT
> ( ) has as its main goal to
> develop a rating system for web pages. This system will
> allow people, whenever they see a web page, to give their
> rating of this web page on a scale from "very poor" to
> "superior". The ratings will be stored in a data base, and
> people will be able to make searches of rated documents,
> such as "find all documents whose upper quartile rating is
> higher than 'good'" and has the keyword 'SMTP'" or "find
> all documents highly rated by people who often rate
> documents the same way I rate documents".

You might want to check out; they already do general
annotations of Web pages rather than simple ratings. Their interface is pretty
good, too, although currently limited to IE on Windoze.

And it isn't original with Thirdvoice either; I'm told that this sort of
thing was present in some of the earliest browsers.


Received on Monday, 31 May 1999 09:53:15 UTC