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Summary of VPIM BOF - July 99

From: Glenn Parsons <gparsons@nortelnetworks.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 19:17:36 -0400
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Attached is the summary of the VPIM BOF meetings held July 12 & 13, 1999 at
IETF 45.  The minutes will be available shortly for your comments.


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VPIM (Voice Profile for Internet Mail) BOF

The proposed charter that describes the VPIM v2 and VPIM v3 work was
discussed.  Several minor changes were suggested -- notably, it was
clarified that the primary goal of VPIM v3 was to support desktop clients
and that the work of the Internet Fax group be included.  The charter was
agreed and will be sent to the list for final comments before forwarding to
the ADs.  The VPIM web site and mailing list were problematic during the
meeting and will be fixed.

The VPIM v2 revision was reviewed and it was noted that the posted draft was
missing the last few pages -- a complete copy will be posted.  The goal is
to advance VPIM v2 to Draft Standard.  To achieve this, the references must
be evaluated and an interop report created based on the testing.  Most
proposed changes were non-controversial, however it was pointed out that if
the vCard was changed to inline (ie, a protocol change) VPIM v2 would have
to recycle at Proposed.

The VPIM v3 discussion quickly bogged down into a codec debate -- the room
disagreed with the mandatory 6 or more codecs.  After much discussion, it
was proposed that for backwards compatibility the codec must be G.726 and
for desktop compatibility it must be MS-GSM.  It was proposed to split VPIM
v3 into mandatory desktop compatibility and optional backwards
compatibility.  The primary content semantic for unified messaging proposed
for multipart/voice-message & multipart/fax-message was again rejected in
favour of a more general approach.  This might use multipart/related with a
voice or fax parameter along with partial MDNs or DSNs.

The IMAP Voice requirements were discussed and several were discounted as
being not IMAP issues (message length) or already solved (streaming).  The
binary requirement was moved to the IMAPext BOF.
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