Re: IRC/Realtime Chat WG

> > Has any thought been given to the creation of an IRC or other realtime chat
> > working group?
> 				Ned

Yeah, I saw impp, however it really doesn't apply to IRC, and seems to have
quite a different target that what I was looking for.

The goals I was more considering were a new IRC RFC that takes into account
most/all of the server/client communications(which I realize someone is
working on now), as well as architecting enhancements to the IRC protocol in
a standard way.

Many IRC networks are all trying to add the same features, but doing them in
drastically different ways. Right now, the acid test to see if a new feature
will suceed is if you can convince Khaled Mardam-Bey to add support for it
in mIRC. I have a great respect for Khaled, and have worked with him in the
past. However, all client authors face the problem of deciding what to spend
time on. 

Documenting and extending the IRC protocol is quite a task of its own, which
I believes differs from impp. I'd also like to at lesat consider the notion
of overlapping work between an irc and impp group, since they do share many
common ideas.


Received on Friday, 31 December 1999 21:00:02 UTC