Re: IRC/Realtime Chat WG

At 15:08 30.12.99 -0600, Kevin Day wrote:

>Has any thought been given to the creation of an IRC or other realtime chat
>working group?
>As an ircd developer, client hacker, and frustrated user, the lack of
>standards is becoming a greater problem. The only standard to turn to is a
>very outdated RFC, which doesn't cover much of the ambiguity that's causing
>problems now.
>Any thoughts before I persue this further?
The only activity I've seen in this space recently is Christoph Kalt's 
attempt to document the existing protocol before going any further - see 
draft-kalt-irc-* for the details. Helping him get it out the door would be 
a Good Thing - last updates were in October, according to my timestamps.

IRC seems to be among the areas with a large number of people who want to 
see something done, but a very low ability to get agreement on what that 
"something" is. I hope this will change.....

                            Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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