Re: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

> I like this response.  It sounds like a good thing to trial.
> However, its still tough to take the stigma of experimental,
> would be it possible to have the state called "standards-track
> experimental"?

well, you can go to poisson and see whether you can convince them :)

but my guess is - no.  if you want some IETF statement that the 
work will be standards-track (that is, that this is indicative
of the direction that IETF will be taking) you need review from 
the wider community, and some assurance that you're not working
at cross purposes  with other groups.  you have the option of
asking for Last Call for Experimental, but this is as much work
as asking for Proposed Standard.


Received on Tuesday, 7 December 1999 19:27:38 UTC