Re: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

Thanks for clearing that up.  I agree that having one or more review
groups working with the ADs would be a good idea.  I think the review
given by discuss@apps and wgchairs is a step toward that model, and it
may give us base from which to produce such a group.
					Ted Hardie

> My proposal is not to have more app ADs - it is to have a body next to
> the ADs that frees them from making architectural decisions and focus on
> process. The diversity of the Apps area makes it hard to have an
> end2end-interest equivalent and I think such a group has to be chartered
> to review documents and to call out dependencies between groups. The
> group has to contain app people with a broad knowledge of the app area
> and with commitment to actually produce output.
> I used the word "directorate" as I believe such groups have existed in
> the past in other areas and that this was the term used.
> Henrik

Received on Tuesday, 7 December 1999 16:28:19 UTC