RE: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

At 09:13 01.12.99 -0500, Scott Lawrence wrote:
> > From:
> > It's been approved by IESG (at the last IESG teleconference)
> > for publication as Experimental.
>Will we get a note from the IESG explaining why Experimental and what
>would be needed to move it to standards track?  There are some efforts
>that hope to be standards track that have been planning to use and
>reference it; this will create a problem for them.
Standard Operating Procedure for features that we're uncertain about the 
value of is that we issue them as Experimental so that people can 
experiment with them from a stable reference, and when someone needs it for 
something we all agree should go standards-track, it is reissued as Proposed.

Happening with DNS SRV records, for instance.
Or (for those with long memories) to the X.400/SMTP gateway specs.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

Received on Monday, 6 December 1999 04:30:37 UTC