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Re: Lawsuit (this is unsolicited email)

From: <NCAE@NewAmerica.org>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:52:25
To: <discuss@apps.ietf.org>
Message-Id: <624.176960.477447@newamerica.org>
Would you please be a witness in the 
class action suit against www. syndicate. 
Details at HTTP://NewAmerica.org/
Ps:You don't need to request to be REMOVE.
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However,your might be receiving more email,
if your address is posted in many places 
on the Internet,because we are extracting 
email addresses directly from search engines.
To avoid receiving any unsolicited email,
request your ISP to make your email address 
unlisted (same way as a phone company does).

Is unsolicited email legal? Yes,it is.
The sending of unsolicited email is perfectly 
legal. See the rules at  HTTP://NewAmerica.org/
NCAE ALERT send via 
NCAE(National Consumer Alert Email)
On Sunday August/8/1999 - AOL shut down without 
warning, the account of Anthony Costanza
from California, saying "we have shut you down,
because your friend is sending spam."
Anthony asked can you give me proof? 
The AOL answer " Write us a letter."

At this point Anthony has been proscuted without 
a trial.Guilty till proven innocent. He has lost 
his business contacts which he accumulated for 
three years, while having his account with AOL.

How can AOL get-a-way with committing such 
crimes of destroying small businesses and 
people.Is this the American way? Guess what AOL, 
you just joined the www. syndicate suit. 
This is the American way!

Thank You

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