Re: Choice of coding format for Senior Online

At 18:07 99/04/04 +0200, Jacob Palme wrote:

> Recommendation: I recommend that we start with the Charset choice,
> but only using one charset, ISO Latin 1. This can in the future be
> extended to either full Charset or Charset with a choice between
> ISO Latin 1 and UTF-7 or UTF-8.

This is more or less what HTTP has done. It prooved to be detrimental,
because ISO Latin 1 was used as a default (without explicit "charset"
paramenter) and in various parts of the world, there was a rather low
incentive to actually implement handling the "charset" parameter, or
adding one where it was needed. As a result, most HTTP trafic, whether
in ISO Latin 1 or not, is not correctly tagged.

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