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RE: Tidy in ColdFusion

From: Mark Stanton <mark@gruden.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 10:03:37 +1000
To: "Html-Tidy@W3. Org" <html-tidy@w3.org>
Cc: "Ian Stacey" <ian.stacey@orange.net>

Hey Ian

Yeah, I've put together a little spider + validator (using lynx, libwww &
tidy) for testing new sites. Its pretty rough at the moment but does the job
for our in house stuff (picks up dead links, dodgy mark-up, etc...).

I'm spidering the site for links with libwww and building a site map, then
grabbing the actual html with lynx before running the files through tidy. No
files are modified I just print a tidy report to the screen.

I'm calling tidy with a straight cfexecute:
<cfexecute name="#tidyExePath##tidyExeFile# -access 0 -f
#tidyCachePath#\#name#.log -config #tidyExePath##tidyCfgFile#
#lynxCachePath#\#name#" timeout="5"></cfexecute>

cfexecute is kind of dodgy in CFMX (timeouts don't work properly) so I'm
going to be looking at doing it at a java level shortly (with jtidy). I know
of another company who has this set up and it seems to work for them.

If you like I can shoot through the spider code, but be warned its fairly
rough round the edges.



Mark Stanton
Web Production
Gruden Pty Ltd
Tel: 9956 6388
Mob: 0410 458 201
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