Re: [Tidy-dev] Annoying Symbol At Start Of XML Outputted File.

* Matthew Stanfield wrote:
>When tidying html and outputting as xml, there is a symbol that is 
>appearing at the start of my XML files, ascii value is 0x98. How do I stop 
>it appearing?
>I assume this is the 'unicode Byte Order Mark character' that is mentioned 
>in the Tidy configuration options reference.

No, the byte order mark would be 00 00 FE FF, FF FE 00 00, 00 00 FF FE,
FE FF 00 00, FE FF, FF FE or EF BB BF depending on the encoding, 0x98
never indicates a byte order mark.

>The char is stopping tidy output as xml from being read correctly by .net's 
>C# XPathDocument class. When I manually remove the char all works fine.
>I am using Charles Reitzel's COM/ATL dll.

If you are unable to reproduce this using the command line tool or the
pure C interface, please ask Charles privately (or wherever he may
provide support to this) and please don't crosspost between
<> and <>.

Received on Friday, 4 April 2003 00:01:21 UTC