Re: Relationships between different XML applications

Vincent Quint had asked me the same question after my talk, and my reply was
Namespaces are a good start. I agree with the draft 100%, but animating a
HTML DIV container using a PGML or VRML element as a path, requires
something more (I am still not sure what that something is )

As you noted, some of the things I asked for could be solved using the
namespaces draft. This is done by having implicit relationships via
element - container relationship.

    <F:INPUT />

In the above example, the Input Element and TD element have a relationship
simply because the they share an element - container relationship (This is
OK with me).  The relation is an implicit one and the namespaces draft
(intentionally or otherwise) solves this one really well.

However, no spreadsheet would create edit controls for every cell. More
likely, there would be one edit control which would have a relation to the
active cell.



Clicking on the cell, would activate the edit control and populate the
contents of the DIV element. When the user clicks OK, the contents of the
edit control would be dumped into the DIV. In this case, there is a
relationship between the DIV container and the Input element.

I know that this can be done in scripting but I looking for declarative
markup to do the job.

I would acknowledge that relationships might be specific to the task, but
they are also generic. You could apply the same relationship across
different XML applications.
e.g. Animating a HTML DIV container using a PGML or VRML element as a path.

IE4's databinding uses attributes (datasrc, datafld) to establish an
relationship between the HTML tag and the ActiveX object that loads the

If there is a generic way of describing relationships, then the IE4
databinding does not need to have it's own special syntax.

I hope I have atleast, demonstrated the need for a proposal on "how to
describe relationships".

Please Comment.


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>> Ashvil D'Costa wrote:
>> One important feature that I would like to see in the next version of
>> HTML would be to cover relationships between different XML
>> applications.
>> I have not seen this addressed in any of the work the W3C is looking
>> at (if I am mistaken on this, please let me know)
>Have you already considered and rejected the namespace mechanism (if so,
>please tell us why) or were you unaware of it?
>It doesn't solve all the issues you raise in your paper, but it does
>address many of them.

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