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Re: block-progression-dimension property

From: MURAKAMI Shinyu <murakami@nadita.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:09:17 -0400 (EDT)
To: xsl-editors@w3.org
Message-Id: <200108240709.FHE72889.JBBLNNVS@nadita.com>
Anders wrote:
    ... For example if you have some blocks in English followed by 
    some vertically written Japanese in a block-container the b-p-d
    effectively sets the "line length" for the vertically written 
    Japanese ...

Is this true?

I think the "line length" must be set by inline-progression-dimension,
not block-progression-dimension, even if the writing-mode is changed,
since these dimensions are the content-rectangle's and the 
content-rectangle uses the directions specified by the writing-mode 
(and reference-orientation), not the parent area's.

In XSL CR spec:
    4.2.3 Geometric Definitions
    For purposes of this definition, the content-rectangle of an 
    area uses the inline-progression-direction and 
    block-progression-direction of that area; but the 
    border-rectangle, padding-rectangle, and allocation-rectangle 
    use the directions of its parent area. Thus the edges 
    designated for the content-rectangle may not correspond to the 
    same-named edges on the padding-, border-, and 
    allocation-rectangles. This is important in the case of nested 
    block-areas with different writing-modes.

    7.13.1 "block-progression-dimension"
    This property specifies the block-progression-dimension of the 

    7.13.5 "inline-progression-dimension"
    This property specifies the inline-progression-dimension of the 

XSL spec changed?, am I wrong?

Shinyu Murakami
Antenna House XSL Formatter team
Received on Friday, 24 August 2001 09:33:50 UTC

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