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Re: [XSL-FO] 1.1.2 Formatting ...please help

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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 04:22:40 EST
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In a message dated 16/01/01 03:01:30 GMT Standard Time, r_diblasi@hotmail.com 

Hi Robert,

My $0.02 follows below.

> Hello,
>     What the hell.........I have been reading this sentence over and 
>  over
>  and I understand each part but I do not understand the whole.....
>  Formatting 1.1.2
>      "Formatting interprets the result tree in its formatting object 
>  tree form to produce the presentation intended by the designer of the 
>  stylesheet from which the XML element and attribute tree in the "fo" 
>  namespace was constructed."

I think the short answer is that it is a badly drafted sentence. There are, 
IMHO, more than a few them in the current XSL-FO CR. If you examine the 
XSL-FO CR you will see that there is no identified "editor", unlike the 
position with a typical W3C spec in development. The absence of mention of an 
identified editor seems to be reflected in the absence, at this stage, of 
consistently tight editing of the text.
>  I think the last part is driving me crazy.....
>  "the stylesheet from which the XML element and attribute tree in 
>  the "fo" namespace was constructed."

I think you have probably broken the sentence at the wrong place. Having said 
that try reading the whole sentence replacing "stylesheet from which" with 
"stylesheet using which". That is closer to what I think the editors mean.

>  Someone with a good heart help me.....
>  I believe it to mean 
>      Formatting interprets the result tree in its formatting object 
>  form......(with Formating objects in the the result tree) .....
>  to product the presentation intended by the designer of the 
>  spreedsheet.......it all goes to hell after this point :-)....

BTW when writing out the sentence you replace "produce" with "product" which 
makes it worse. :)

LOL ... I have just scrubbed the reply I was about to make. I thought I had 
cracked it, but then it slipped through my fingers. :) Proves your point I 
guess. It's a horrible sentence. :)

My attempt at a better version:

"Formatting is the final step of a multi-step process. The first step is the 
production of an XML element and attribute tree (also known as a "result 
tree"), using an XSL style sheet and XML source document. The result tree is 
"objectified" into a tree in the XSL-FO Namespace. Formatting is the process 
of interpreting the result tree (the XML element and attribute tree), in its 
formatting object form, into a display [or visual presentation].".

Just my $0.02.

I would also say that for the XSL editors to attempt to equate the 
"intention" of the designer with the actual process of 
formatting/presentation is unwise. That only applies if the designer 
correctly writes a stylesheet to actually produce the result.

In addition there is a further background suspicion I have (but haven't yet 
had time to look at properly) - that the term "formatting" is being used in 
more than one sense in the XSL-FO CR.

>  Help....
>  Robert A. DiBlasi

I hope that's clearer. BTW if you look at the diagram a little later in 
Section 1.1.2 that might help you visualise it.

I have copied this reply to the XSL-editors at W3C. Hopefully they will take 
the problems with this sentence into account when further drafting/editing 
takes place. And if we have both failed to understand the meaning that is 
intended they may, hopefully, provide a response which can be posted on list.

Andrew Watt
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