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FW: FW: link to XSLT stylesheet

From: <DPawson@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:22:03 +0100
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Perhaps the XSL WG could register application/xslt+xml
with ietf,
and similarly the mathml WG register application/mathml+xml,
The registration procedures are defined in RFC 2048.

  cf. http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2048.txt

Regards DaveP

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Subject: Re: FW: link to XSLT stylesheet

Sorry, I forgot to mention one more important thing.

Masayasu Ishikawa <mimasa@w3.org> wrote:

> In the current list of registered media types [3], there are subtypes
> of `application' with `+xml' suffix like `application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml'
> and `application/beep+xml', but there's no `application/mathml+xml' yet.
> So it still needs to be registered.

The same applies to `application/xslt+xml'.  It's mentioned in
"8.17 Application/xslt+xml" of RFC 3023, but just like
`application/mathml+xml', it's not *defined* in this RFC.
It still needs to be registered, too.

> > [1] ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc2318.txt
> > [2] ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc3023.txt
> [3] ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/media-types/media-types

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