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static node-set element

From: Jon Smirl <jonsmirl@mediaone.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 23:47:09 -0400
Message-ID: <036d01bee53e$87d88680$0201a8c0@ne.mediaone.net>
To: <xsl-editors@w3.org>
I would really find it useful to have inline, static node-sets. For example,
when generating a select list you need to loop though the list to figure out
where to put the selected tag. The content is static and should be included
in the stylesheet. Menus have the same problem.

You can do this with external files and the document function, but
performance is very slow. An inline node-set could be cached with the
complied stylesheet, caching is much more complicated for a file being read
via document().

It would even be ok to allow document() to be called with a string of static

Jon Smirl
Received on Thursday, 12 August 1999 23:47:19 UTC

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