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newbie: p:http-request/SOAP

From: Pierre LINDENBAUM <plindenbaum@yahoo.fr>
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 11:48:54 +0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: <513158.71501.qm@web26508.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>
To: xproc-dev@w3.org
Hi all,

I'm a new with XPROC. I'm currently tryinhg to send a SOAP request  to a server using a p:http-request with a  custom c:header
It worked fine when the message was inline:

        <p:input port="source">
        <c:request method="POST" href="http://example.com" >
        <c:header name="Soapaction" value="http://example.com"/>
        <c:body content-type="application/xml"><soap:Envelope>(...)</soap:Envelope></c:body>

But, now, I would like to send a custom XML document  that was build elsewhere in the pipeline.
How can I achieve this ?

Thanks in advance,

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