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RE: XProc and SMIL, Orchestrating Pipeline Steps

From: Philip Fennell <Philip.Fennell@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 14:32:51 +0100
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To: "XProc Dev" <xproc-dev@w3.org>

I see what you're saying, although there is some sense of 'process in
document order' by the ordering of the steps in a pipeline there is no
need to execute each step in that order, only that the right output
results go the right input sources. Therefore, a pipeline that declares
a step with a p:pipeinfo that contains a smil:timesheet element could be
'seen' as part of the 'pre-flight' checks and an appropriate action
taken to interpret the timesheet.

As a matter of interest, although I've received a couple of replies to
my original e-mail regarding how one references a timesheet, no one has
said yea-or-nay as to whether they like the idea.

Does anyone have an opinion as to it being a sound proposal. I've got a
Blog Post loaded and ready to go (more or less) and was wondering if
there was going to be any support for the idea from the XProc community.


Philip Fennell

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Philip Fennell <Philip.Fennell@bbc.co.uk> writes:

> Vojtech,
>> I would say that p:pipeinfo would be the most appropriate solution.
> As you'd want to declare the timesheet at the root of the pipeline you

> couldn't use p:pipeinfo because it is not allowed on p:pipeline or 
> p:declare-step. I think, if it were to be possible to use Timesheets 
> with Xproc, then the PI is the best approach.

If you had a SMIL-aware XProc processor, why would this not be

  <p:declare-step ...>

       timesheet goes here

You might want some sort of attribute on p:pipeinfo to identify which
pipeinfo was about SMIL, but I don't see why the timesheet has to come
at the root.

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