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RE: Online validator: '[', ']', and '-' freely accepted in patterns

From: Dave Evans <dme@sirius-software.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 17:29:36 EST
Message-ID: <E1H4PV2-0004Or-0l@lisa.w3.org>

Michael, thanks for the reply.  I will try to look at the test suite, and
I will try to find out about getting Saxon-SA.  Meanwhile, since I am a
complete outsider, I wonder (fearful if I should embark on it) if it
would be in any way worthwhile for me to try to contribute anything to
the test suite.  Probably the tests that I have accumulated are a meagre
subset of the suite, but I do have a handfull of pattern tests.  Also the
GNU regex testbed comes to mind; I have been trying to put some time into
converting this to something that isn't geared toward whatever tool it
was designed for.

Thanks. Dave Evans.
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