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Veridocs Announces Availability of XMLdocs Beta Version

From: Nat Dunn <ndunn@Veridocs.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 20:58:39 -0500
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Veridocs Announces Availability of XMLdocs Beta Version 
Veridocs, a provider of XML software, consulting and development
services, today announced that XMLdocs Beta Version is available free
for a limited time at http://my.xmldocs.com/register. XMLdocs is a
Web-based system for creating powerful, user-friendly XML content
management solutions. 
"XMLdocs is the perfect solution for organizations that have previously
found XML content authoring and management solutions too expensive or
too complex for non-technical staff," says Veridocs CEO Nat Dunn. "We
invite companies of all sizes, and in all industries, to size up
XMLdocs' benefits during this free trial period."
With XMLdocs, organizations can create XML document templates for
everything from press releases and product descriptions to
knowledge-based articles and help documents. Using these templates,
non-technical users write XML documents in XMLdoc's intuitive XML word
processor. Documents can then be exported for publication on a Web site
or elsewhere through a simple Web Service.
"Through a simple and straightforward Web Service, XMLdocs makes it
quick and easy to build XML-based Web sites using ASP.NET," said John
Montgomery, group product manager for the Developer and Platform
Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT).
Seybold Senior Editor Mark Walter, who viewed a demonstration of the
product at XML 2002 in December, says that XMLdocs addresses a need in
the market for affordable XML content management solutions.
"Not every organization wants or needs a full-scale content management
system for their XML documents," says Walter. "XMLdocs, with its
check-in/check-out capabilities and companion XML editor, provides an
inexpensive entry point for XML-centric content management that has been
lacking in the marketplace."
XMLdocs Feature List
Document Management
1.	Web-based - accessible from anywhere. 
2.	Shared workspaces - allows for collaboration on XML documents. 
3.	Centrally located document templates - users in a workspace
create documents based on the same templates. 
4.	Check-in/Check-out - prevents loss of content. 
5.	Intuitive user interface - features such as context-sensitive
right-click menus make it feel like the Windows application people are
used to. 
6.	Web Service publishing - content is easily accessible through
simple Web Service. 
7.	Multiple workspaces - users can be members of multiple
workspaces and can easily switch between them. 
8.	Configurable workspace - workspace is drag-and-drop
Document Editing
1.	Simplifies XML Editing 
1.	Document templates allow for customized editing experience
through such features as friendly tag names, keyboard shortcuts, and
fixed labels. 
2.	Tag Expander opens hidden placeholders making all points in the
document accessible through Normal View 
3.	Tooltips provide context-sensitive feedback 
2.	Browser-based - the editor runs inside of a browser window. 
3.	XML Schema support - validates against an XSD using MSXML. 
4.	On-the-fly validation - data types, including regular
expressions (xsd:pattern), are validated as you type. 
5.	Different editing views - XML View and Normal View. 
6.	Multiple previews - preview against multiple XSLTs. 
For more information on XMLdocs, please visit www.xmldocs.com. 
Maker of XMLdocs
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