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Re: variable element names

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Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 21:09:18 -0500
To: Mike Rothe <Mike_Rothe@actiontech.com>
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Yes.  Define the "variable" element as:

<xsd:any processContents="strict"/>

What you can't do is control the order or appearance of the children. What 
the above does do is make sure you have a global <xsd:element> declaration 
for each child, and that the contents of each child are correct.



So, parent would have the <xsd:any as its content, and that would accept 
the <var>.  You can't control the order in which children of <var> appear 
(<w>. appears after <x>, and <y> is missing), but there MUST be a 
declaration for each of <w>, <x>, and <z>, and those elements must 
validate per the declarations.

If you use "lax" instead of "strict", then it's optional to provide the 
declarations for elements like <w>;  any one that doesn't have a 
declaration will be accepted, no matter what its contents.

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        Subject:        variable element names

There is an element in my schema that is a variable element, meaning that 
the instance doc that element name could be anything. However, all the 
elements contained in the variable element have fixed names. I would like 
validate the children of the element with the variable name. Does the
standard support this?
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