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RE: Choice

From: Piccand Régis <regis.piccand@imtf.ch>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 16:13:41 +0100
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To: "'Jeni Tennison'" <jeni@jenitennison.com>, Piccand Régis <regis.piccand@imtf.ch>
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Hi Jeni,

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From: Jeni Tennison [mailto:jeni@jenitennison.com]
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To: Piccand Régis
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Subject: Re: Choice

Hi Piccand,

> I'm trying to have an unordered list of elements that can be
> "mandatory OR optional" AND repeatable (i.e. elements are unordered
> and "MinOccurs" and "MaxOccurs" must be specified for each element).
> Using "All", maxoccurs is bound to 1 (optional but not repeatable).
> Using "sequence", elements are ordered (optional and repeatable).
> Using "choice", elements are optional (repeatable but not
> mandatory).
> Is there a possibility to achieve what I'm trying to do ?

Basically, no, not with XML Schema. Your options are to:

  - create a content model that expresses all possible combinations of
    the elements (usually impractical)

--> I aggree
  - use a choice, and then use another schema language, such as
    Schematron, to express the constraints about elements that must be

--> hummm ... as far as I know, Schematron is not a w3c recommendation - How
will it evolve/be supported in the future - will the W3C schema evolve in
the direction of Schematron and extend their schema spec to cover Schematron
features ?
  - create a schema for a canonical form of the markup language in
    which the elements must occur in a specific order, then use a
    transformation to get instance documents into that canonical
    ordering prior to validation

--> I aggree - allthough this process it not complex, I have the feeling
that I'm losing the benefits of using Schemas to validate instance
documents. In other words, I cannot validate an instance document using a
validator and a schema ; I need to "pre-process" my instance document - this
is not what I want. However, your proposal of transforming the instance
document is probably the cleanest at the moment.

Thanks for your proposals




Jeni Tennison
Received on Friday, 8 March 2002 10:21:44 UTC

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