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Re: Clarification on enumerations

From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@dyomedea.com>
Date: 20 Jul 2002 10:59:00 +0200
To: Jeni Tennison <jeni@jenitennison.com>
Cc: xmlschema-dev@w3.org, "Biron,Paul V" <Paul.V.Biron@kp.org>, Michael Leditschke <mike@ammd.com.au>
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On Sat, 2002-07-20 at 10:26, Jeni Tennison wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> > Well, there are many in the WG (myself included) who felt that the
> > pattern facet should only apply the xs:string (and types derived
> > from it). That is, we wanted to say that the pattern facet, like all
> > others (with the exception of whiteSpace :-) applies to the value
> > space (since for xs:string the value and lexical spaces are
> > identical). However, "we" lost the battle and pattern applies to all
> > types...hence the oddity of how it is described...as effecting the
> > value space by operating on the lexical space.
> Personally, I think it's very useful having something constraining the
> lexical space. It's handy having something that can articulate rules
> like "a decimal with exactly two decimal places" or "a duration that
> only specifies days and time", so I'm glad that you lost that
> particular battle :)

So do I! Patterns are syntactical and I think that this makes sense to
get them working on the lexical space....

That being said, facets (I mean all of them) could hold an attribute
(with a default value) saying if the schema designer wants to get them
working on the lexical or on the value space. We could thus say that we
want a xs:value working on the lexical space without having to use a
xs:pattern for this or a maximum of 3 digits on the lexical space or on
the contrary a pattern on the value space which could be useful in some

My 0.02 Euros

> Cheers,
> Jeni
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