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Index of XML Schema Tools, Schemas, Guides updated

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 09:00:34 -0500
Message-ID: <3B4C5C02.86F55394@w3.org>
To: xmlschema-dev@w3.org
Hi folks,

Thanks for all the work on developing XML Schema tools,
examples, and such. I scanned the archive for the last
couple months and updated our index:

  W3C XML Schema
  Tools · Usage · Resources · Specifications and Development
  $Revision: 1.56 $ $Date: 2001/07/11 13:50:45 $ 

If you sent an announcement to xmlschema-dev but we have
not (yet) listed it, please let us know.

For convenience, here's a text copy of the page:

   W3C Architecture Domain 
                                  XML Schema
         Tools · Usage · Resources · Specifications and Development
   XML Schemas express shared vocabularies and allow machines to carry
   out rules made by people. They provide a means for defining the
   structure, content and semantics of XML documents. The XML Activity
   Statement explains the W3C's work on this topic in more detail.
   XML Schema has recently (2001-05-02) been approved as a W3C
   Recommendation, see reference list for pointers.
   See also: Robin Cover's index of XML Schema materials.
   Grégory Chazalon has provided un sommaire en français.

   If you want yours listed here, please send an announcement to
     * XSV, an Open Source XML Schema Validator, with web-form access
       from University of Edinburgh/W3C (beta) (update Jul 06 2001)
          + Free download of self-installing version of XSV for WIN32.
     * XSU, an Open Source upgrade transform from the 20001024 to the
       20010330 version; free web-form access, from University of
       Edinburgh/W3C (beta);
     * xerces-j 1.4.1 released lmartin@ca.ibm.com (Mon, Jun 25 2001)
     Xerces-J is a validating XML parser which has support for the XML
     Schema Recommendation.
     * xsbrowser v1.0 released Joerg Rieger Jun 23 2001
     xsbrowser allows to navigate a DTD- or XML-Schema
     (rec-xmlschema-1-20010502) using a web browser.
     xsbrowser hides the document model's representation syntax and
     shows only the knowledge that is significant for the construction
     of valid documents.
     Free available as Java source
     * dtd2xs v1.0 released Joerg.Rieger@informatik.med.uni-giessen.de
       (Tue, Jun 19 2001)
     DTD to XML Schema translator
     Translate a Document Type Definition (DTD) into a XML Schema
     (REC-xmlschema-1-20010502). The translator can map meaningful DTD
     entities onto XML Schema constructs (simpleType, attributeGroup,
     group), i.e. the XML document model is not anonymized. In addition,
     the translator can map DTD comments onto XML Schema documentation
     nodes in various ways.
     Free available as Java class and as standalone Java application:
     * Xerces-C 1.5.0 is now available Tinny Ng 18 Jun 2001
     This is to announce the much awaited release Xerces C 1.5.0 which
     brings Schema Subset Support to Xerces-C!
     * XML Spy 4.0b1 released today, adds support for XML Sche ma
       Recommendation and more Altova Jun 14 2001
     The XML Spy 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) builds on
     the success of the award-winning XML Spy 3.5 product in the
     developer market and adds expanded ODBC database access
     functionality, enhanced user interface customization, as well as
     support for the final XML Schema Recommendation for both graphical
     XML Schema editing and validation of XML instance documents based
     upon XML Schema.
     * Sun's XML Datatypes Library Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI May 04 2001
     XML Datatypes Library is a Java implementation of W3C XML Schema
     Part 2. It can be used from any Java code to
          + validate strings with datatypes
          + convert strings into Java objects
     * IBM XML Schema Quality Checker. Bob Schloss of IBM describes this
       tool this way:
     This tool, written in Java, reads Schemas conforming (or alleging
     to conform via their namespace declaration) with the latest specs,
     and attempts to determine if they are 100% valid under all the
     various constraints that apply to schemas. If it determines they
     are not valid, it attempts to explain the problem in language that
     a schema novice could probably understand.
     * Commercial XML Schema (and others) aware streaming validator from
       TIBCO Extensibility;
   Tools below here are for the previous, 20001024, version of XML
     * Evaluation version (30 day free use) of commercial XML Schema
       others) aware editor/validator from XML Spy
     * Free Web-form access to XSV, an XML Schema Validator from
       University of Edinburgh/W3C (beta);
     * Free download of self-installing version of XSV for WIN32.
     * Free, downloadable XML Schema validator from Oracle, C, C++ and
       Java versions.
     * Evaluation version (30 day free use) of commercial XML Schema
       others) aware editor/validator from TIBCO Extensibility;
   Tools below here are for the previous, 20000407, version of XML
     * Free Web-form access to previous (2000407 version of XML Schema)
       XSV, an XML Schema Validator from University of Edinburgh/W3C
     * A Conversion tool from DTD to XML Schema in perl; open source.
     * Free, downloadable XML Schema validator from the Apache project;
     * Online validation/conversion, requires registration, from TIBCO

     * LOGML (Log Markup Language) Draft Specification and Schema John
       Punin Jun 29 2001
     * OpenGIS Consortium, Schema for Geography Markup Language (GML)
       2.0. Three schema documents are normative:
          + feature.xsd defines an XML encoding for the OGC/ISO TC211
            "Feature" model for geospatial data,
          + geometry.xsd defines geometry elements <include>d into
          + xlinks.xsd is a schema for XLinks (actually a placeholder
            until a definitive version is provided by W3C) and is also
            used by feature.xsd
       Guidelines for developing usable application-specific schemas are
       included as a normative chapter of the specification. A recent
       vote by the Technical Committee of OGC has elevated GML 2.0 to
       status of "adopted technology". (update 28 Jun 2001)
     * XGMML (eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language) 15 Mar 2000
       John Punin, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Dept of Computer Science RPI
       (update 25 Jun 2001)
     * Experimental schema for XSLT 1.0, by Asir Vedamuthu of
       Inc. "This schema is subject to change and will contain the
       using the current syntax, Proposed Recommendation (PR) or
       Recommendation XML Schema Definition Language (XSDL). We plan to
       update this schema using PR XSDL ASAP."
     * Experimental XML Schema for Lotus Domino XML Language (DXL).
     * An XML Schema for the XML Specification doctype by Norm Walsh, 12
       October 2000.
     * Several dozen examples in Roger L. Costello's XML Schema Tutorial
     * XML Digital Signatures : schema in the 10 May 2000 draft
     * AbiWord : schema
       update Oct 27 2000
     * ... some XML Schema hacking
       March 2000 by Dan Connolly
     * a stab at an XML Schema for RDF
       Rick JELLIFFE 26 Feb 2000
       (revision by Connolly)
     * ... If you have a schema you would like to see listed here, or if
       you have a set of test cases for use in software development,
       please send an announcement to xmlschema-dev. (If you are
       impatient, you may also wish to send mail to Michael
       Sperberg-McQueen calling his attention to your email on
       xmlschema-dev and suggesting your materials be added to this
  Presentations, guides, and tutorial materials
   In addition XML Schema Part 0: Primer, you may be interested in:
     * Course "Programming XML in Java" Web site John Punin May 24 2001
     * Roger L. Costello, XML Schema Tutorial
     * The XML Schema Specification in Context
       by Rick Jelliffe, Academia Sinica Computing Centre
       2000-02-24 draft only
       compares XML Schema with XML DTDs, SGML DTDs, HyTime, and perl
       regular expressions
     * XML Schema tutorials materials: slides, additional materials
       by Henry Thompson at XML 99 in Philadelphia (a GCA Conference)
     * Schemas for XML
       by Norman Walsh, July 1, 1999
   Richard Tobin and Henry S. Thompson have posted a first cut at an XML
   serialisation of the (PSV) Infoset.
   The W3C's have launched a Test Collection Initiative to help XML
   Schema processor implementors.
Specifications and Development

     * XML Schema Part 0: Primer
     * XML Schema Part 1: Structures
     * XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes
     * Feb '99: W3C Note: XML Schema Requirements
     * working group: XML Schema
     * feedback: www-xml-schema-comments
     * discussion: xmlschema-dev, xml-dev, comp.text.xml
     * Last Call comments and their disposition: HTML version; XML
       version (with stylesheet for IE5)
   Developments in the community
     * a testing project at sourceforge started July 2000 by Curt Arnold
   Input into the development of XML Schema:
     * Jan 2000: Datatypes for DTDs (DT4DTD) 1.0
     * Sep '98 : Schema for Object-oriented XML submitted to W3C
     * Jan '99: Document Definition Markup Language (DDML)
       Version 1.0 submitted to W3C
     * Jan 1998 : XML Data submitted to W3C
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