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Re: xml schema and xml parser versions.

From: <Mike_Leditschke@nemmco.com.au>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 13:35:28 +1000
To: komal mangtani <mkomal@bea.com>
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I'd suggest you move to Xerces 1.4.?. It supports the final 02-May-2001
recommendation for XML Schema. Going forward, it will be the one
where effort is placed in terms of bug fixes etc.


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I have an xml document which I used to  validate  against an xsd which
conforms to WD version of xml schema,  using xerces 1.2.
Now, I am porting the same code to xerces 1.3.1 and it gives me error
saying certain element not defined though it already exists in xsd.

Does this mean a one version of xml parser can support only particular
version of xml schema?
if so, which version of xsd is supported by xerces 1.3.1?
Any pointers/help is appreciated.
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