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Re: Issue 486 closed

From: Jun Fujisawa <fujisawa.jun@canon.co.jp>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 01:05:29 +0900
Message-Id: <p0600100dbd19b35bfed2@[]>
To: "Martin Gudgin" <mgudgin@microsoft.com>
Cc: <xmlp-comments@w3.org>

Hi Martin,

At 3:27 AM -0700 04.7.13, Martin Gudgin wrote:
>You raised an issue, number 486[1] regarding presence of the XOP
>namespace declaration on the root element in an example in the XOP
>specification[1]. The Working Group agrees that the example is unclear
>and will amend the example so that the namespace declaration appears on
>the Include element.

Does this means that no XOP namespace declaration occurs in the
Original infoset of the revised example, and that the namespace
declaration appears on each xop:Include element in the XOP Infoset

<m:photo xmlmime:content-type='image/png'>
     <xop:Include href='cid:http://example.org/me.png'/
<m:sig xmlmime:content-type='application/pkcs7-signature'>
     <xop:Include href='cid:http://example.org/my.hsh'/

If so, I'm happy with the suggested resolution.

Jun Fujisawa
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