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Re: Attribute encryption

From: Sanjeev Hirve <shirve@cyberelan.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 10:44:37 -0500
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To: "Ed Simon" <ed.simon@entrust.com>, <xml-encryption@w3.org>
Cc: "Michael Sakhatsky" <msakhatsky@cyberelan.com>, "Raju Nadakaduty" <praju@cyberelan.com>, "Marcus A Cuda" <mcuda@cyberelan.com>
> In any event, I want to hear from a variety of people designing XML specs and systems about their requirements for XML Encryption.

Following is an actual case.
The current system :
   - A sends XML docs via B to C.  B is a "portal"
   - B examines some of the doc elements to perform message routing, authentication, etc.
   - B does not need access to the doc payload
   - docs are not encrypted, except for SSL
   - B would like access to some of the doc elements, for data mining, etc

The new privacy requirements:
   - some customers of B want end-to-end encryption of business data in the doc
   - groups of customers may agree to allow B access to some business data, this varies.

There is a large existing base of customers who do not need any encryption, and a small set of customers that has complex encryption requirements.
  The optimal approach is :
   - to modify B's system to ignore parse errors 
   - if any exist, eliminate access to un-needed elments.
   - A always encrypts the doc as the last step, and 
   - C decrypts doc as the first step.

The above is a good example of
  - need for partial encryption, including attribute encryption
  - resistance to change existing XML schemae
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