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RE: Thoughts on MTOM testing

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:53:46 +0100
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We have a strong interest in practical interoperability given
that's the main, if not the *only* reason to use Web services.
We've seen little evidence of this happening so far, beyond 
the soap builders mailing list and the odd 'fest' usually held 
behind closed doors.
We therefore encourage vendors to perform as much *real* 
interoperability testing as possible, with real product line
implementations and in whatever fora, but ideally with the results 
published in public. This especially important if you'd actually 
like to sell products stamped with the "Web services" label.

FWIW i'm trying to put together some test cases for the WSD
test pack and will try to incorporate as many tests as the XMLP WG 
elect to provide combined with WSDL 2.0 descriptions. 


Paul Sumner Downey
Web Services Integration
BT Exact

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I'm not aware of what's happening at SOAPbuilders. On a recent call,
David asked for some input from people who would be providing
implementations during CR as to what the tests should cover. I promised
to provide such input by today. Hence my note. I think to exit CR we
need to show that 2 or more implementations can interoperate, I guess
this is just a first stab as to what 'interoperate' means.


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> I'm curious, because at least one person has asked me:  am I 
> correct in 
> assuming that many of these tests will be in practice 
> deployed through the 
> existing soapbuilders testing community (and perhaps in 
> occasional private 
> 1-to-1 experiments as well.)  Stated slightly differently, 
> your note could 
> be taken to imply that we in W3C are about to specifically 
> support some 
> sort of interop event.   Am I right in guessing that we are primarily 
> involved just in discussions to ensure that the tests run over at 
> soapbuilders will meet our needs for CR evaluation?  Many thanks.
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