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Approved CORBA/SOAP RFP documents available at OMG site

From: Anders W. Tell <anderst@toolsmiths.se>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:36:51 +0200
Message-ID: <39C733B2.E640D4C6@toolsmiths.se>
To: xml-dist-app@w3.org
Friday morning 15 sept,  at long last, the OMG Platform Technical
Committee approved issuing the CORBA/SOAP RFP. Document # is

The official RFP:

Presentation of RFP:

Participating companies:
BEA Systems, Inc., Financial Toolsmiths AB, Hewlett Packard Company,
International Business Machines Corporation, Iona Technologies, Inc.,
Object Oriented Concepts, Inc., Persistence Software, Inc., Rogue Wave
Software, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Note: the RFP also contains information about OMG adoption process.
Note from RFP requirements: "use the SOAP extensibility framework
(without changing the SOAP protocol) and track ongoing W3C work."

SCOAP Discussion paper:

Slides from presentation of discussion paper:

Here is an abstract of the presentation of the discussion paper made at
OMG meeting by...
Jeff Mischkinsky: Persistence Software, Oisin Hurley: Iona Technologies,
Michi Henning: Object Oriented Concepts, Patrick Thompson: Rogue Wave

What is SCOAP?
*An investigation into integrating leading web-based  Commerce

** Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)  an XML based technology
** CORBA, the leading platform independent distribution technology
** HTTP/ HTTPS, the leading web technology

Current Status - orbos/ 00- 09
*A Discussion Paper, NOT a formal proposal
** Meant to spark discussion and experimentation
* A thought experiment
* A feasibility study and proof of concept that such a project might be
worth doing
* Discusses ONE POSSIBLE approach towards integrating SOAP and CORBA
* No commitment by authors to submit to an RFP
** and no guarantee that even if any did, the result would resemble this

A mailinglist have been setup to facilitate discussions of  XML
messaging, in general, and its relation to OMG standards such a Corba.
There are currently 80 members including most participating companies.

Mailing list:  <http://www.egroups.com/group/xmlpc-corba>
FAQ:  <http://www.toolsmiths.se/xml/corba/xmlpc-corba-faq.html>

NOTE: This mailinglist is independent and *not* an official list for
OMG, W3C, ebXML or any other standardization body. Altough many
subscribers to "xmlpc-corba" may be actively working on implementing
some parts of current and future specifications.

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