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RE: [DR 309] Vague?

From: Williams, Stuart <skw@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 07:54:07 -0000
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To: "'Noah_Mendelsohn@lotus.com'" <Noah_Mendelsohn@lotus.com>
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The requirement arose in response to some concerns raised on the WG list
(before discussion shifted to this list). The following extract from a
message I sent
in response to the original comments.

The heart of your concern seems to relate most closely to DR306 particularly
in relation to deployment in resource constrained devices where the is
minimal pre-existing XML infrastructure to leverage (basic through to
namespace/schema aware validating XML parsers).

Maybe I can capture your suggestion as:

"DR309: In the presense of a-priori knowledge about the interactions a given
XP implementation and/or XP application will engage in, it SHOULD be
possible to create XP implementations and/or XP applications with minimal
XML infrastructure. The need for *very* simple implementation strategies is
likely to arise in the domain of fixed function embedded devices attached to
the infrastructure.


In terms of answering your question:

> Is the intention to state that schema validation should not be required
when the 
> "contract" is known by other means?  

I thinks that's certainly part of it... but I also think that the original
concern was also centred on primarily resource constrained embedded devices
with much in the way of a generic XML parser. To a certain extent there is a
question about how simple can simple get? In a different life (for me) the
kind of question that has arisen is how do we do this in a watch - at the
time watches were build around 8 bit micro-controllers with 256 bytes (yes
256 bytes - not kbytes) of RAM.

I hope I've managed to add some background to the concern that DR309 is
trying to address.


Stuart Williams

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> Sent: 13 November 2000 23:06
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> Subject: [DR 309] Vague?
> The proposed requirement states:
> "In cases where there is prior knowledge of the specific 
> interactions that
> will arise between given XP implementations, it should be possible to
> create implementations supporting these interactions using 
> only a minimal
> amount of XML infrastructure."
> I cannot tell what this really means to say.  Is the 
> intention to state
> that schema validation should not be required when the 
> "contract" is known
> by other means?  If that's what's intended, that's what the 
> proposal should
> say, I think.  Pending an explanation of what is intended, I 
> think that
> this should be dropped.  Thanks.
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