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Review of XML-RPC interface for Manilla

From: Mark Baker <mark.baker@Canada.Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 15:54:55 -0500
Message-ID: <38CD559F.9DB7D355@canada.sun.com>
To: xml-dist-app@w3.org
At Dave's suggestion, I've reviewed the XML-RPC interface for Manilla;


"Pike Compatible"

- general comments to all manilla.*
 - checkIn - probably need WebDAV, though I'm unclear on what
   locking semantics are required
 - get/set - HTTP GET/PUT
 - restoreDefault
   - could maybe use WebDAV to do this, otherwise an extension
     method doesn't seem too unreasonable to use in this case

- message
  - addToStoriesList - msgNum should be a URI, and POST would a be
    perfectly suitable replacement.  POST-by-URI (ie POST contents is
    a URI) would suffice if the document had previously been set
    (though a bit kludgy - maybe you don't need to send the doc
    down first).
  - create - PUT
  - isStory - I question why this is necessary, but if it is, a
    GET of the container URI could return a list of all stories
  - removeFromStoriesList - use HTTP DELETE from a container URI

"Manila Compatible"

  - get*[Date|Day|MsgNum] - HEAD of a URI (note that only one network
    round trip is required)

  - block/count/unblock - WebDAV collections & locking (if BLOCK
    would be analagous to locking a user URI)
  - listAll - GET a container URI
  - create - POST

  - addToPicturesList - POST to a picture container
  - attachEnclosure - this would be done with a POST of multipart/*
    content.  more than one attachment could be added to the
    document on a roundtrip too.
  - attachPicture - ditto
  - count* - HEAD on a the relevant container
  - delete - DELETE
  - list* - GET on various containers

  - each shortcut should be an XML document that gets posted
    into a container of valid shortcuts.  Then you can use
    GET on the container for "listAll", and GET on the
    contained URIs for the individual shortcuts.
I must say Dave, that after having a good look through this, it's
much more well suited to HTTP (and maybe WebDAV) than I initially
expected.  Your methods are all document or metadocument centric
(a Good Thing).  I'm even more perplexed now why you didn't start
with HTTP.

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