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[DS6] Request with encrypted payload

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DS6   A sender wishes to exchange data with a receiver and has agreed
      to encrypt the payload. The sender and receiver agree on the
      encryption keys and algorithms. Data is encrypted by the
      originating application and sent to the its message service
      handler (equivalent to an XP Processor). The message service
      handler creates a message header and sends the message to the
      receiver. The receiver hands the message to the ultimate
      recipient for decryption of the payload.

Author: Dick Brooks on behalf of ebXML

Note: This scenario refers to header and payload in the ebXML context.
      An ebXML message handler is analogous to an XP Processor in that
      it provides the transport independent support layer between an
      application and an underlying transport. The ebXML header and
      payload are separate documents contained within a MIME/multipart
      envelope. The header is always XML, the payload MAY be XML. This
      scenario assumes the business application is responsible for
      encrypting the payload which is then moved unchanged between
      sender and receiver.

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