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[DS4] Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:29:03 +0000
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DS4  A receiver offering a server with services in which a sender invokes a
service on a server and receives a response. The service is abstractly
modeled as invocation of a named procedure or method, with input data
modeled as a list of arguments, and response data modeled as a function
result plus optional "out" parameters (or error).

Author: Dick Brooks on behalf of ebXML ? with additions from Noah

Note: For this use case, convenient (preferably one line) invocation from
     commonly used programming languages, scripting languages and object
     systems is important.  (e.g.  price = getStockQuote("ORCL", "1/1/97")
     ). Communicating parties need not use the same language and/or object
     system, and indeed it is not required that any particular technology
     or language binding be used to serialize or deserialize the XML
     messages that carry the encoded invocations and responses, or to
     dispatch code when messages are received (e.g. if desired a "switch"
     statement can be used in place of a method invocation...XP is a wire
     format standard, and while we make it easy to handle RPC messages as
     method calls, we cannot legislate the details of implementation code

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