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RE: DR 28: Multicast and R502

From: Frank DeRose <frankd@tibco.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 14:57:33 -0500 (EST)
To: "xml-dist-app-request@w3.or" <xml-dist-app-request@w3.org>
Isn't the issue of multicast addressed in R502? The wording of R502 is:

"The specification developed by the Working Group must support either
directly or via well defined extension mechanisms different messaging
patterns and scenarios. The specification will directly support One-way and
Request-response patterns as part of permanently and intermittently
connected scenarios. The specification will not preclude the development of
other patterns at either the application or transport layers. Examples of
such patterns may include Publish-subscribe or Multicast delivery. All
patterns and scenarios will be described by relevant use cases."

TIBCO wants an assurance that the specification will not preclude the use of
XP over multicast transports. I interpret R502 as supplying such an
assurance. This shouldn't be a problem. After all, it is already possible to
use SOAP over multicast transports.

I would be interested in hearing the opinions of other implementors of
Pragmatic General Multicast protocol. For example, are the folks from
Microsoft satisfied that R502 implies that the specification will not
preclude the use of XP on top of their implementation of PGM?

If such an assurance is implied in R502, I suggest dropping DR028 and the
duplicate DR025 altogether. On the other hand, if you are suggesting,
Jean-Jacques, that the use of XP on top of multicast protocols will be
precluded, then I have a problem.

One further nit: I would suggest rewording R502 to read:

"Examples of such patterns include Publish-subscribe or Multicast delivery."

In other words, drop the word "may." (Gee, I don't know why I would be
preoccupied with possible interpretations of such words as "may" and "must"

Frank DeRose
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Current text for DR 28
              Multicast should be supported (not inventing multicast

              Issue (i.028.01): Duplicate.

Proposed rewording
The XML Protocol will not support multicast, at least initially.

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