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IAC Architecture White Papers published

From: Eliot Christian <echristi@usgs.gov>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 21:09:00 -0400
Message-id: <>
The attached press release announces that the Industry
Advisory Council's Enterprise Architecture Shared Interest
Group (IAC EA SIG) published several Industry White Papers,
available at http://www.iaconline.org/

I would especially recommend the paper on "Interoperability
Strategy - Concepts, Challenges, and Recommendations". This
paper frames the major issues from an international standards
perspective, using an architecture centered on services with
defined semantics as well as common syntax. It offers a solid
foundation with specific principles that can be adopted and
implemented today, ranging from basic business processes up
to networked information discovery.

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) represents professionals
from 378 leading information technology companies. IAC promotes
government-industry partnerships.

Please share the announcement with other persons and discussion
lists interested in data and information interoperability. (And
please accept my apologies if you receive it multiple times!)


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