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Bath-profile: relation to national profiles...................... ...... J.nr. 331-3

From: Leif Andresen <LEA@bs.dk>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:59:46 +0200
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Comments to Bath by danZIG

For discussion at the Bath profile Meeting October 3, 2001
(Agenda item 1)

In order to increase the value of the Bath Profile it should be possible to
have a national profile, where the Bath Profile is a real subset.

We have checked the danZIG-profile in comparison with the Bath Profile and
have found some difficulties.

Formats: Bath requires UNIMARC or MARC21 at level 1. But it will not be
suitable for a national Danish standard profile to require formats not used
in Denmark. The text in the danZIG-profile is:
Both Origin and Target systems must support the danMARC2 record syntax,
which include ISO8859-1 as character set plus SUTRS in order to conform to
danZIG Step-1. Support for MARC21 is optional but highly recommended in both
Origin and Target systems.

We have in danZIG-profile used structure attribute 101 name-normalised both
in SCAN and for SEARCH for USE 1003, but the Bath Profile use phrase.

Position "first in field" (value 1) gives us real problems. Library systems
on the Danish market don't support the function "First Words in Field". We
have discussed in and don't see the reason for this function. We use the
Position = Any
Structure = Phrase
Compleness = incomplete subfield
for two ore more words in connection. The Danish tradition is to use SCAN
for a "complete phrase" to support a user who knows the word/words to start
a title.
It seems not sensible to demand new indexes where the use isn't obvious.

best regards
for danZIG

Leif Andresen

Leif Andresen    *   Email: lea@bs.dk
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