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RE: Image not available

From: Olaf Wentzien <olaf.wentzien@ppi.de>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 17:35:43 +0100
To: www-xsl-fo@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFBE28BA44.3FE0A418-ONC12576CB.005A440C-C12576CB.005B2966@ppi.de>

I guess you have to tell FOP - before calling the rendering process - from 
wich point it shall resolve filenames.

try doing this with:


where xslSource is the XML-Input file and
xslUrl is the style-sheet-file - assuming that your stylesheet is in the 
same jar-file as your image and that is has a location from where you can 
find your image using a relative path

Regards Olaf

> Hello
> I have a web service that uses a jar application file (that i 
> built). This application jar file transforms a XML into a PDF using 
> FOP. The XML file as some text and also the path/name of an image 
> file that is also into the jar file.
> When i execute the web service, using eclipse/tomcat deployment, 
> everything is executed ok. The PDF is well generated and the image 
> (the header of the pdf file) is correctly on the pdf document.
> Now, I build a WAR file to deploy my web service on a server.. The 
> WAR contains correctly the JAR file with the image file.
> When i deploy the WAR file without eclipse, using only the classical
> command line and I test it, the PDF is generated correctly but 
> without the image that constitues is header. The following error :
>    "2010-02-15 14:27:29,267 ERROR org.apache.fop.fo.FONode - 
> ExternalGraphic.java:70 - Image not available: url(img\\head.gif)" 
> is generated
> Is it a problem of FOP? Can you please help me to resolve this problem?
> thanks
> Best regards
> -- 
> Paulo Carvalho
> 1 rue du Chateau
> 57710 Aumetz
> France
> http://forum-informatico.forumeiros.com/index.htm
> http://ummundoecologico.blogspot.com
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