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RE: page-sequence-wrapper

From: Grosso, Paul <pgrosso@ptc.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 12:30:01 -0500
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To: "Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@gmail.com>, <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>

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> Subject: page-sequence-wrapper
> 6.4.6 fo:page-sequence-wrapper
> Common Usage:
> The fo:page-sequence-wrapper formatting object is used to specify
> inherited properties for a group of fo:page-sequence formatting
> objects.
> Trait Derivation:
> Except for "id", "index-class", and "index-key", the
> fo:page-sequence-wrapper has no properties that are directly used by
> it. However, it does serve as a carrier to hold inheritable properties
> that are utilized by its children.
> We have to guess what properties are allowed on the fo I think.
> Is it any property that might belong on a page-sequence child of
> page-sequence-wrapper?
> I.e.
>     7.10.1 country
>     7.27.19 flow-map-reference
>     7.26.1 format
>     7.10.2 language
>     7.26.4 letter-value
>     7.26.2 grouping-separator
>     7.26.3 grouping-size
>     7.30.8 id
>     7.24.1 index-class
>     7.24.2 index-key
>     7.27.7 initial-page-number
>     7.27.6 force-page-count
>     7.27.9 master-reference
>     7.21.3 reference-orientation
>     7.29.7 writing-mode
> Is that right please?

No, it's any properties.

Talking about "allowed" properties doesn't make sense for FO.
There is no FO DTD.  All properties can be anywhere.  The
question is whether they do anything.

What the spec is saying is that only id, index-class, 
and index-key "do anything".  Therefore, the only affect
any other property will have is to be inherited.  That, in
fact, is the whole point of fo:page-sequence-wrapper as
the spec says.

(In fact, the ones you list above are just about all
useless, since very few of them are inheritable, so setting
them on fo:page-sequence-wrapper will have no effect.)

Your comment about the page-sequence child makes it sound
like inheritance only goes down one level, but of course, 
that is not the case.

So one could use fo:page-sequence-wrapper, for example, to 
set font properties that would be inherited by all descendants
of that fo:page-sequence-wrapper.

>   Note also there would appear to be no description of how the
> index-class/index-key properties
> are used on this fo?
> [In which case why are index-class and index-key pulled out as
> special?]

I admit to never completely understanding XSL FO's 1.1 indexing 
stuff (even when I was on the FO SG developing 1.1).  But I
believe the idea is that one can use the indexing properties
to mark a region to be indexed, so there is presumably some way
to mark the entire region wrapped by fo:page-sequence-wrapper
for indexing.


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