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ANN: RenderX announces first Beta release of INX2FO Plug-In for Adobe InDesign CS2.

From: Lyudmyla Novosilska <lyudmylan@renderx.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 16:58:55 +0300
To: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
Message-ID: <42FDA3F7F8C74D3A86C80B0897BA61F1@ukrinvent.com>

RenderX, Inc., (http://www.renderx.com) is pleased to inform you about the
Beta release of a new product - INX2FO Plug-In 1.0 Beta is now released.

For dynamic, flowing documents such as contracts, statements, loan packages,
and marketing materials, there is INX2FO Plug-In developed by RenderX. The
plug-in can leverage the power of the widely-used Adobe InDesign CS2. The
primary purpose of the solution is to provide the ability to generate
documents with dynamically embedded data with a few mouse clicks.

INX2FO Plug-In is a powerful and user friendly tool that can help you
simplify transformation from the INX document format to XSL FO (XSLFO) and
to PDF or PostScript using the INX2FO stylesheets
(http://www.renderx.com/tools/inx2fo.html) and the XEP/XEPWin engine
(http://www.renderx.com/tools/xepwin.html). The plug-in enables a user to
use Adobe InDesign CS2 to design the layout, insert tags for the variable
content, and generate outputs that can be merged with XML data. With the
help of XEP, the documents are converted from their respective XML-based
formats to XSL FO (XSLFO) and then to PDF or PostScript output.

The main features of INX2FO Plug-In 1.0 Beta are:

* The plug-in simplifies the transformation (conversion) from the InDesign
INX document format to XSL-FO, and then to PDF or PostScript.

* The combination of INX2FO Plug-in and XEP could be easily used as a
low-cost, high production performance server solution with the comparable
functionality to the Adobe solution.

* Documents containing merged data with large numbers of records can be
handled in a more elegant way by the plug-in using the internal data source
converter. XML data sources are supported.

* The plug-in lets a user specify a range of data source records to be
included in a resulting data source after conversion.

* The plug-in enables a user to set up Java options for both Saxon and XEP
formatter. This feature provides a way to tune all the components for the
best result.

* Those who work with large amounts of data will probably enjoy a lot fast
preview of the resulting document.

* Extended logging of the transformation process opens a way to diagnose the
transformation process for optimization or other purposes.

* The settings data can be stored InDesign's internal storage, which gives
additional flexibility in back-upping.

* The FO file generation can be turned on/off during documents processing.
If the FO file generation is turned off, it improves performance; turning it
on lets you see the document source code.

The INX2FO stylesheets, a part of the installation package of the INX2FO
solution, support the following page layout elements:

- text paragraphs and text styles;
- tables and table styles;
- external hyperlinks;
- shapes (rectangles, lines, polygons, curves, ellipses) and shapes styles;
- images (embedded and external);
- data merge fields (text and image fields);
- objects transformation (for shapes and images);
- table of contents (with links to pages);
- special symbols (like page numbering, trademark symbol , etc);
- static and dynamic barcodes;
- child shapes inside text frames;
- numbered and bulleted lists;
- images inside text frames;
- special symbols (like page numbering, trademark symbol , etc);
- child shape inside parent rectangle;
- table footers.

For more information, please visit our Web site for INX2FO Plug-In:
http://www.inx2fo.com or http://www.inx2pdf.com

Beta Version Is Now Available
RenderX invites you to download the beta version of INX2FO Plug-In 1.0, so
that you can see for yourself just how easy it is to use this software for
your needs. Please visit our Web site and try it!

For sales inquiries and other requests, please email RenderX Sales

Additional Information
* XEP XSL FO Formatter version 4.10 or later is required for PDF production.
Please refer our Web site for the system requirements of the XEP XSL FO

* Any browser-compatible PDF viewer is required for viewing generated PDF

Lyudmyla Novosilska,
RenderX Inc.
Received on Tuesday, 16 October 2007 14:20:47 UTC

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